11.11 Unify University

Mystic Initiation, Sacred Pilgrimage and Joint Research Expedition to Egypt

October 26 - November 14 2022


Welcome Family, the temple doors are open! Let us explore the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, together! Join us for our 11.11 Unify Sacred Pilgrimage and Joint Research Expedition to the Holy Land of Kemet! Brought to you by 11.11 Unify Global Gatherings and Unknown Egypt Travel!

We are carefully curating our guestlist for this intimate and potent expedition. Please click the button above to fill out our application form.

What's Included

We will be co-creating the 11.11 Portal Ceremony, to be Love Streamed, to the 11.11 Unify Global Gathering Virtual Event, on 11/11/22!

Accommodation 20 Days / 19 Nights

Food & Beverages

We will have 5 exploratory Zoom calls leading up to our travel together

Ground Transportation on Bus with bathroom and A/C

Sightseeing: - All sightseeing/ Tours of the Sacred Sites/ Museums Admission paid for

Horse carriage to Edfu temple

Private access to 3 sites: (Between The Paws of the Sphinx, The Great Pyramid, Isis Temple)

English speaking guides, knowledgable in Khemetology (Ancient Egypt “his”tory)

Tour leader, guiding you through the sites and other sacred ceremony opportunities

All permissions for the program, police protection and escorts.

Personal Security Guard(s) for the group while visiting the sites.

Hot balloon ride Over the West Bank, outside Luxor

Nubian music party, on Pasher island: Catered Meal, music, fire dancing (fuel provided)

Party Boat on the Nile, for our Closing Party, complete with DJs (4 Hours)

Domestic Flight Ticket: Aswan to Cairo

Private Escort and Driver to/from Airports

Option: Families with Children can have smaller Van, for short distance travel to sites.

The above package excludes :

Entry visa (approximately $20)

Optional tours (extending your stay, etc.)

Personal expenses (laundry, Massages, spa sessions, shopping, etc.)

Hard drinks (alcoholic drinks of any kind)

International flight tickets to and from Egypt

Any other item which was not mentioned above

$200 cash, to hand to our tour guide upon arrival, for ALL tips: including our bus driver, boat crew, restaurant servers, maid service, drivers, bathroom visits, etc


Private Airport Escort. Our representative will meet and assist you, transfer by A/C vehicle to 5-star accommodation in Giza.

At the proper time, enjoy the group dinner, on your first night in Kemet (The Black Land)

5:30 am – 10:30 am Breakfast Buffet at Mena House, inJOY whenever you’d like

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Opening ceremony in a private meeting room, with tea service.

7:00 pm – group dinner at Mena house

5:00 am – 7:00 am Private Access for ceremony (between the Sphinx Paws)

7:30 am Breakfast at 9 Pyramids Restaurant on the Plateau

10:00 am Visiting the Giza Plateau, and all it has to offer

2:00 pm Lunch at the new Liyla Restaurant on the Plateau

5:00 pm- 7:00 pm Private Access inside The Great Pyramid
 Back to the hotel for integration time.

5:30 am – 10:00 am Breakfast Buffet at Mena House

10:00 am Bus ride to the NEW Grand Egyptian Museum

2:00 pm back to the Hotel

5:00 pm Lecture at Gamal’s about Egyptian sacred oils (optional shopping)

5:00 am – 07:00 am Breakfast Buffet at Mena House

07:00 am meet at the hotel’s lobby, bus ride to visit Saqqara

8:00 am visiting the complex of Saqqara, including the underground galleries of Serapeum,

The Text Pyramids of Unas and Teti, the 11.11 Gateway and more

12:30 pm Lunch at Blue Lotus Sanctuary (a local family owned garden restaurant)

2:00 pm Back to Saqqara, visiting more sites; entering the Step Pyramid

4:00 pm back to the Hotel for integration time

5:30 am Breakfast Buffet at Mena house

6:30 am drive to Abydos (7 hours), lectures on bus and plenty of time to rest

7:30 pm dinner at the House of Life

(booking massages and sound healing sessions)

7:00 am Breakfast Buffet at the House of Life

8:00 am visiting Abydos temple (the oldest pilgrimage site on Earth)

Plenty of time to explore the site, rest, swim, integrate.

7:00 pm dinner at the House of Life

8:00 PM Zar Ceremony

The “Zar” is a trance religious ceremony that uses drumming and dancing to cure any illness, thought to be caused by a demon. 

It is technically prohibited by Islam as a pagan practice. However, it continues to be an essential part of the

Egyptian culture. It provides a unique form of relief to women in strict patriarchal societies.

6:00 am Breakfast Buffet at the House of Life

7:00 am Bus ride to Dendera Temple of Hathor

2:00 pm arriving in Luxor at the Old Winter Palace

Several hours for settling in, rest and integration.

7:00 pm group dinner at nearby restaurant

5:30 am to 10:00 am Breakfast Buffet at the Old Winter Palace

10:00 am bus ride to Gold and Silver Jewelry Store (optional shopping)

5:30 pm Luxor Temple (stunning at night with lighting) 

Possible bus ride to Outside Shopping Bazaar

5:30 am to 9:30 am Breakfast Buffet at the Old Winter Palace

10:00 am Bus ride to Karnak Temple Complex

Many hours of exploration of this HUGE complex, you may have lunch at the cafe.

4:00 pm Return to the hotel

Plenty of integration time.

5:30 am – 8:30 am Breakfast Buffet at the Old Winter Palace

8:30 am bus ride to Hatshepsut Funerary Temple

12:00 pm lunch at a local restaurant

02:00 pm Alabaster manufactory (optional shopping)

07:30 pm dinner at nearby restaurant

04:00 am Boat ride to transfer to Hot Air Balloon ride (with fresh fruit, croissants, coffee and tea with real milk on the boat)

07:30 am: 10:00 am back to hotel for Breakfast Buffet at the Old Winter Palace

11:00 am check out of rooms and transfer to the Boats

02:00 pm lunch aboard the Dahabiya

07:30 pm dinner aboard the Dahabiya

inJOY a FULL DAY of rest and integration as we sail down the River Nile

08:00 am Breakfast on Board

02:00 pm lunch on board

08:00 pm dinner on board

6:30 am light Breakfast/snack on Board

07:00 am Horse Carriage ride to the Edfu Temple 

Time to explore the Edfu Temple of Horus

10:00 am back to boats for Breakfast on board

Integration time.

2 pm Lunch on board

Sacred Circle time.

8 pm Dinner on Basher island, party with drumming, music, dancing and fire dancing (white gas provided)

08:00 am Breakfast on Board

10:00 am Visit Kom Ombo Temple

02:00 pm Lunch on Board

Sacred Circle Time.

08:00 pm Dinner on Board

8:30 am breakfast on board

10:30 am disembark the Dahabiyas and transfer to the Old Cataract Hotel

Deep integration and rest time.  

Swim, sleep, read, write, spa sessions, etc.

Prepare for our BIG DAY of 11/11!!

For reals, we have an awesomely Loooong day, the next day, so rest up!

5:30 am – 07:30 am Breakfast Buffet at the Old Cataract

08:00 am drive to port, board small boats to go to Philae Temple

11:00 am- 11:30 am we will be at the 11/11 Portal together!!!!

01:00 pm Lunch on a nearby Nubian island

Be in Sacred Ceremonial Circle together.

09:00 pm ride on boat back to Philae island/ Isis Temple

10:00 pm to 12:00 am Private Access (we reserved the entire island/ Isis Temple for our Ceremony)

11-11:30 pm OUR 11/11 RITUAL AT THE 11/11 PORTAL- 


12:00 am to 03:00 am 11.11 Unify Party on nearby Nubian Island

5:30 am – 10:30 am Breakfast Buffet at the Old Cataract Hotel (optional)

Sleeeeeeeepppppp in!!!!! 

Rest, relaxation, integrate, swim, spa sessions, etc.

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm BOAT PARTY ON THE NILE!!!  Chartered private party boat with DJs!

5:30-10:30 am Breakfast Buffet at the Old Cataract Hotel

Final day together as a group/ optional shopping at the outdoor bazaar

1:11 pm Closing Ceremony 

Rest, integration, relaxation, inJOY our final moments together.

Pack up to leave the following day.

5:30-10:30 am Breakfast Buffet at the Old Cataract Hotel

Check out of rooms, get luggage to the bus.

Group transport to the Aswan Airport 

Afternoon flight back to Cairo (included in cost of trip)

-At this point, it will be your choice to fly home or remain in Egypt or carry on to South Africa.

Some family members may choose to carry on.  Please let us know in advance what your plans will be.

Once you say “YES”, the Universe will align, in all ways, for you to (wo)manifest this opportunity in your life!

Hold the vision in your mind, call it in, be open to the doors that are opening for you, follow the signs and synchronicities and witness the magic of 11.11 unfold right before your eyes! This is a very intimate and exclusive opportunity, meant for those very special people, who feel called to participate in this unique experience. Are YOU ready for your upgrade?

Total Payment: $8,000 if paid in FULL by June 15, 2021

Payment Plan:

$8,888 split into FOUR Payments

$1,111 Non-Refundable Deposit by June 15, 2021

Remaining $7,777 paid in 3 scheduled payments.

35% by Feb. 1, 2022: $2,722

35% by June 1, 2022: $2,722

Remainder by Sept 1, 2022: $2,333



We will do our blest to place you with a close friend/ companion and will happily take roommate requests.

If you would like to have “SINGLE OCCUPANCY”, meaning YOUR OWN ROOM for the entire trip,

The cost is $2,222 extra, on top of all payment plan.

Pricing: total: $8,000 + $2,222= $10,222 (payment plan total: $11,110)

If WE choose to cancel the trip:

11.11 Unify Global Gatherings and Unknown Egypt/Secret of Kemet reserves the right to cancel the trip at any time, for any reason, that they deem sensible and reasonable, given the circumstances.  They will take ALL aspects of the trip and their guests into consideration, while making the decisions that will be for the highest and best good for all involved.  

Your $1,111 Non-Refundable Deposit will not be returned to you, as it has already gone to the Egyptian Government for reserving our Private Access to 3 sites. (We will do our best to attempt to reschedule the trip, for a later date, rebooking with the same hotels or comparable establishments).

If any further payments were made, cancellations before Jan. 2022 will receive a full refund, minus the non-refundable deposit.  

Cancellations before May 2022 will receive 50% refund, minus the non-refundable deposit.  

Cancellations after June 2022 will receive NO REFUNDS AT ALL!!!

If YOU choose to cancel with us:

Your $1,111 Non-Refundable Deposit will not be returned to you,

Once your Non-Refundable Deposit has been made, you are responsible for fulfilling our contract.  

This means that, should you no longer be able to come on the trip, you are obligated to find a suitable replacement to fill your reserved space, or you will forfeit your payments to the tour guides.

The person who takes your place, will also have to go through the application process and be accepted by the tour guides as a suitable ‘fit’ for the group.

Once accepted, they may then take over your payment plan, first reimbursing you for the $ you have already paid and then continuing to pay the remainder of the payment plan, by the designated payment dates.

Please note:

Airlines charge fees for both domestic and international flights which are subject to the airlines terms and conditions at the time of the booking.

Amendment and Rescheduling:

Any changes made to the original booking are subject to availability. If the full payment has been received and/or a voucher has been issued, 20% administrative fees will be applied except on changes to tickets for air travel.

Unknown Egypt Travel offers a very flexible cancelation policy in case the government or the airline issues a travel warning from/to your departure country and/or your destination. In the event of this happening, your payment will be available as future travel credit and travel voucher that can be used towards. You have the flexibility to apply this amount towards new travel services booked within 12 months. Reservations will be adjusted to reflect these travel credits automatically. Only flights’  and private access’s cancellation/changing fees are charged, according to the airline’s and ministry of antiquities’ terms and conditions, and bank surcharges fees applied on the deposit amount paid.

Your Tourguides

Anistara Ma Ka

Mother of 11.11 Unify, commUNITY Creatrix, Visionary Pioneer, Portal Priestess, Author, Teacher, Inventor, Ordained Minister, Mother, Wife

Anistara is dedicated to co-creating commUNITY gatherings that are both powerful and impactful.  Her 11.11 gatherings celebrated 12 years on 11/11/19., when she ‘birthed’ 11.11 Unify Global Gathering Virtual Event.  Her vision is inspirational and communities around the world are singing up to weave the 11.11 Unify vision together.

Rabie Khaled

Founder of Unknown Egypt Travel

Rabie’s passion for Egyptology can be traced back to when he was a child. He was greatly intrigued by Egypt’s architecture, history, and ancient wonders of the world where he lived. As a member of the Syndicate of Egyptian Tour Guides, he specializes in providing a unique spiritual perspective, built from the foundation of Khemitology, Egyptology, cosmology, and Sufism. While guiding spiritual tours has taken him all the World, Rabie is proud to call Cairo, Egypt his home.

Rabie has worked in the Egyptian Tourism industry for 14 years, gaining invaluable experience in facilitating tours around the crossroads of the Middle East and teaching ancient Khemitology. He continues his studies in hieroglyphs, languages and new discoveries in Egypt to expand his interdisciplinary perspective for the many travelers who are interested in a deeper understanding of sacred Egyptian wisdom. As a seasoned spiritual guide, he is passionate about presenting highly developed thoughts and perspectives in Khemitology, to form a picture for visitors to better understand the rituals and daily culture that thrived in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Currently, he is the Founder of Unknown Egypt Travel.

Check out his reviews!

For any inquiries please email